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Armoured Joints

Suitable for various internal as well as external applications such as light manufacturing, pedestrian areas, general warehousing and distribution, the armoured joints simply screw-fixes the top of timber or steel form work. The joints are made from tough galvanized steel and are ideal for free movement areas. These joints are made in one size and are used in various projects. The sharp edge of the joints on the inside top face of each hole helps ensure a neat finish when trowelling-in and can be used with a suitable plate dowel system. The unique grid-cut face of the joints securely anchors them into the concrete for full length but can also be cut at any point if required.

These are different types of Armoured Joints:

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Eclipse Armoured Joint

Specifically manufactured for heavy- duty applications, the Eclipse Joints are tough quality of armoured joint. Only high tensile steel triangular section are integrated on the top edge of the joint for giving extra strength to the joint for sustaining heavy and persistent. Specially designed twin full-height divider plates at the dowel point of the joint makes it even stronger and rigid in quality. With galvanized finish, these eclipse joints are fast replacing traditional-style armoured joints with their flexibility, striking finish and reasonable prices.

Application Areas

  • Free movement areas
  • Transfer aisles
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Retail developments
  • Production facilities
  • Door way protection
  • Joint-less floors
  • Defined movement areas
  • Light Industry
  • Cold Stores
  • Goods in / out
  • Threshold, doorway
  • Dock levelers
  • External concrete hard standing (Slabs)
  • Food manufacturing
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Heavy Industry
  • Pedestrian use
  • Post-tensioned slabs

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AlphaJoint Classic 4010

AlphaJoint Classic 4010 is the most popular among alpha joints due to high strength and versatile use. When it comes to slab movement, this type of joint prevents the vertical movement in the situation of concrete contraction. There are plate dowels attached with these alpha joints for efficiently and safely transferring the load between the two adjacent concrete slabs.

Application Areas

  • Ideal for internal and heavy applications in industrial buildings and waste transfer stations
  • Suitable for areas where there is free movement
  • Compatible with most vehicle types
  • Suitable for larger joint openings, up to 30mm

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Beta Edge Joints

The Beta Edge Joints serves as professional and economical way of protecting the construction joints in the internally constructed floors. These ready made joints can be easily fixed on the top of timber or steel formwork.

Application Areas

  • Good for internal manufacturing facilities such as light manufacturing areas, pedestrian areas, general warehousing and distribution
  • Used in external areas such as free movement areas
  • Suitable for use with most vehicle types

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Signature Joints

"Sinusodial profile with
Engineered Geometry Disruption Face Technology"
Signature Joints are the unique armoured joints that impeccably prevent impact damage. 'Disruptive face' technology is used in preparing the clever half-hexagon shape, which prevents the wheels of materials handling vehicles from plummeting into the breach between two edges of the joint.

In the deficiency of impact, there is no damage to the joint or truck. The joints are suitable for transfer aisles, cold stores, warehousing, dock levelers, production facilities, post-tensioned slabs, defined movement areas, door way protection, light & heavy industry and free movement areas.

Application Areas

  • Perfect for directionless traffic solutions, where material handling vehicles go over the joint at 90°
  • Suitable for the places like cold stores where larger joint gap sizes are ordinary

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