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Bonding Agent

The Bonding Agent is utilized as an adhesive to create a strong bond over concrete. This is formulated by making use of optimum quality raw materials and latest methodologies in precise composition. The agent is suitable to be applied on the surface of floors to enhance the strength of bond.

These hardeners are available under different brand names:

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This bonding agent is used in industrial, commercial and residential flooring applications for bonding over the concrete structure. This mix compound is formulated by making use of finest grade resin and additives to make it suitable for hard aggregates screeds over concrete. This agent is also idyllic for bonding new concrete over existing concrete structure.


  • The cemcol must be stored in stored in dry conditions to have 6 months long shelf life

Health & Safety

  • Eyes and hands must protected by wearing personal safety equipments

Appearance Grey fine powder
Density 1,6
Grading 0/0.5 mm
Bonding strength on concrete > 2.2 Mpa
Minimum surface strength 1.5Mpa
Application temperature min 5°C, Max 35°C

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Roc Latex

This bonding agent is specifically utilized for repairing mortars, masonry joints, toppings and screeds. This aqueous cementitious bonding agent is formulated by using synthetic resin to enhance the resistance of mortar.


A solution is prepared by composing one volume of Roc Latex and two volumes of water, then add on volume of cement along with one volume of sand 0/2 mm. Slurry, screed, concrete and mortars are applied when roc latex is still sticky.


  • The mixed bonding agent must be applied at the rate of 0.15 to 0.3 Kg/sq m of Roc latex.


The content has one year long shelf life and is supremely packed in:
  • Jerrycan : 24 kg
  • Container : 1000 kg

Appearance Milky white liquid
Dry extract 38 %
Type de polymere styrène, butadiene
pH 7 /9
Density 1 +/-0,1

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Roc Prim

This bonding agent is used as an adhesive for concrete overlaying and is also used as binder for mortars with maximum humidity of 5%. The epoxy resin based coating is applied between two concrete layers as moisture vapor barrier.


  • It gets consumed in the quantity varying between 1 kg/m2 and 2 kg/m2, depending of the support aspect


  • The content has shelf life of six months. It is available in the packaging of 5kg and 25kg

Health & Safety

  • Workers are advised to wear eye protection and gloves when using roc prim.

Processing time 20°C 40 min
Viscosity (20°C) 800 to 1000 mPa.s
Adhesion on concrete > 1,5 MPa
Density (20°C) 1 +- 0,1
Dry extract 100 %
Solvent free

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